Mastering Communication and Motivation

"As a Salon owner and a coach to a small team of 5 I was looking for something to help develop our skills in communicating as a team but really helping us really better understand the variety of clients we have coming into the salon. Kelly-Anne has absolutely broadened our approach and it’s only been 1 session. kelly-Anne has delivery style that is so natural and effortless that makes us long for more. Every day I am a better coach to my team and managing staff expectations so they can push my business forward. Thanks Kelly-Anne"
Natalie van der Poel - The Colour Room - Glenbrook, Blue Mountains

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"I now understand myself and others around me"

"This was one of the most interesting and inspiring workshops I have been to in a long time"

"I am wired and intentionally created this gives me a greater perspective on how others in my family and work tick"

"It was such a good and well balanced workshop"

"I feel so encouraged and motivated on how to talk to my family and how to get to know them even more. Thank you Kelly-Anne"

"This is a tool that will have me to better deal with current situations"

"It is great to finally understand why others behave differently to me and how I can communicate with them. Understanding how Im wired has helped me to realise I am okay and there is nothing wrong with me."

"Understanding what I am capable of allows me to really help my students as I now understand how they are wired."

"Now I understand why I struggle in certain situations and what to do about it moving forward."

"Thanks to Kelly-Annes workshop I now know how to get the most out of myself and my relationships."

"I now know how to bring the best out in myself and others close to me."

"We are all different and I now feel I understand this better. "

"This helps me to look more closely at personalities and love languages so I can engage with people to promote better relationships."

"Understanding how others are wired helps me to be more understanding of other reactions towards me."

Influential Leadership Development

Thanks to Kelly-Anne, for some amazing, thought provoking, culture changing, workshops for our family business. Her workshops were rich in knowledge and practical application, real tools for daily use. It made a significant difference and changed many mindsets within our business. We went on a journey of learning the benefits of understanding personalities, applying that knowledge to respond accordingly. Assisting us with leadership, motivation, culture, and Human Resources. She tailored her workshops to our specific needs for both time constraints and content, taking into account issues specific to a medium sized third generation family business. For us, the workshops were highly successful; a journey we are so grateful for. We look forward to the next step up, and the possibilities of further workshops from the Work Life Balance Academy
– Robyn Gibson - FoodBoss Cold Storage Australia

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I feel more calm, content and successful.
Sandy Golder – The Best Me I Can Be

I’ve never given anything or anyone a chance to my own detriment, however, this series of workshops has been invaluable!
Kristi Towns – Towns Conveyancing

I feel I am now a better Mum and wife, there is less conflict in the house, kids behaviour has changed and I am just more positive towards life.
Rachel Hovendan – Full-time Mum

I feel more in control of my life, I feel happier and more relaxed on a daily basis. These workshops work, they are powerful and they are value for money.
Marion Johnson – Johnson Landscape Designs

I feel more calm and relaxed. Its very affordable and only a few hours each week.
Karen – Business Owner

Life doesn’t have to feel so hard and Kelly-Anne’s tools help us all realise that. Delivered in bite size portions, they release the pressure.
Samantha Crisford-Eade – Connecting HR

The Lifestyle workshops are life giving to anyone wanting a successful life!
Michelle Knight – Home School Mum and Conveyancer

These workshops provided a safe place without judgement and full understanding of where I was at.
Sue Mitchell – Massage Essential Bodyworks

The workshops changed me and how Iook at my life. I now get along better with my sisters
– 13 year old girl

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Purposeful Living

"I really highly reccomend it to everybody out there to come along and experience the joy of having a microscope on your life and bringing such new purpose and motivation to it"

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"I really enjoy the positive supportive environment that's really helped me to crystallise my thoughts around what it is that I want out of my life"

"I would absolutely reccoment this is anyone because we all want to be our best self and live a life that's happy and this workshop has certainly helped me take active steps to moving toward that"

"I'd reccoment this program becase we all know that we need to take time out and this actually gives you an opportunity to take some time out and plan your life, as you probably wouldn't do it."

"I enjoyed just taking the time out and actually looking at my life in detail and having more of a plan"

One on One Coaching

“Over the past 6 months I have worked with Kelly as my personal mindset coach, I am amazed at how quickly I have gone from being highly stressed, unhappy and disorganised to feeling calm, happy and loving life again. Kelly is very talented and a true professional who can help you reach your goals in any area of life. Thank you Kelly!”
Michelle Halloran (NSW) - Working Fulltime, Married and Mum of 3

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“Living most of my life in various states of depression and suffering from high anxiety, life became overwhelming and quite brutal, I found myself locked in a ‘bubble’ shutting everyone out, until I hit a critical point of crisis in my life in late 2016.   When searching for a plan to move forward in my life, Kelly became the answer I was looking for. Through a structured coaching program, Kelly has helped me learn the tools to deal with the day to day challenges life presents in both business and family life. I cannot thank Kelly enough for the new lease on life, the inspiration she conveys every time we talk, and the tools I continue to learn and try to master, to help me work through times of crisis when struggling with insecurities and fears to achieve everything I ever wanted in life. I haven’t just gained a coach, but someone I can call a true friend in life”.
David Wellington (QLD) Working Fulltime, Married, Father of 2 children

“Before working with Kelly-Anne I felt like I was in a rut, feeling like I had lost my mojo. Work, family and life wasn't interesting me, and my family were beginning to tell me how draining I was to be around. I was ready to jump on a plane OS and walk away from my current life. Within a few sessions of working with Kelly-Anne, I felt re-inspired, I was re-aligned with my purpose and I had a clear path on how I was going to achieve it. Not only was I beginning to feel like me again, but it was reflecting to my family, friends and in my business. In the first month of this year, I have never felt so alive, on purpose and smashing some goals I only ever once dreamed of. I can’t thank this lovely lady enough for what she has enabled me to achieve by working with her!”
Lisa Gaad – (Vic)
Oesteopath & Business Owner at Living Health Group

“Before I founded Art Your Life I was in a job I disliked and knew deep down there was more to my life. I retrained and through that process I met Kelly-Anne. She was instrumental in my journey in the early days and helped me to rediscover who I was, equipping me and guiding me to regain my confidence so I was free to pursue and fulfill the dreams and vision I had for Women and Young Girls all over the world. Art Your Life was inspired by what was possible as a result of overcoming my fears and obtaining the clarity I was lacking”.
Catie Kirke (NT)
Art Your Life – Founder and Business Owner www.artyourlife.com.au

“I met Kelly-Anne at a time where I was suffering a bit of an identity crisis after having my first child, and she really helped me to find my way back to myself. Not only did her personal journey as a mum and coach provide me with great inspiration for what I could achieve for myself - but in working with her privately she really helped me to come at my new life from the strongest place possible. Kelly-Anne’s coaching wraps you up in a warm blanket where you feel safe whilst she opens up your eyes to what needs to change. She challenges, inspires and most importantly always believes in you. I am truly very grateful that she came into my life”
Anna Jonak (WA) Business School For Mums - Business owner, Co-Founder and Mum of 3 children under 3yrs www.businessschoolformums.com.au

“Kelly-Anne has helped me to transform my life! Having such a kind, generous and caring person who has helped me gain complete clarity on both my personal and business life and who has provided me with guidance and support to develop a transition plan to achieve what I desired out of life has been one amazing journey. Working alongside Kelly-Anne is truly a pleasure – through getting to know me personally and understanding how I respond to situations she knows when to mentor and when to coach me to achieve what I want out of life. Both my life, the life of my family and my business has not looked back since being involved with Kelly-Anne”.
Lauren Taylor (TAS)
Advanced Skills Teacher, Married, 3 children

"Kelly-Anne has time and time again gone above and beyond in keeping me congruent with what my purpose is, why I am here and get rid of any self-doubt/sabotaging beliefs. Over time I have found that she is coming from a place of real authenticity and genuinely cares about enabling her clients to become the best version of themselves. I would happily recommend her to any of my friends."
Nick Peardon – (VIC) Tree Incarnation – Young Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Founder www.treeincarnation.com.au