lifestyle by design: your 6 month mentoring program

Partner with me to unlock your full potential.

  • 6 x 1 hour phone / skype coaching calls
  • 4 x online mentoring videos
  • 2 x Workbooks*
  • Plus 20% discount on Kelly’s next Live Workshop

*Videos and workbooks cover a range of topics and are selected based on each clients individual needs.

Living most of my life in various states of depression and suffering from high anxiety, life became overwhelming and quite brutal, I found myself locked in a ‘bubble’ shutting everyone out, until I hit a critical point of crisis in my life in late 2016.  

When searching for a plan to move forward in my life, Kelly became the answer I was looking for. Through a structured mentoring program, Kelly has helped me learn the tools to deal with the day to day challenges life presents in both business and family life.

I cannot thank Kelly enough for the new lease on life, the inspiration she conveys every time we talk, and the tools I continue to learn and try to master, to help me work through times of crisis when struggling with insecurities and fears to achieve everything I ever wanted in life. I haven’t just gained a mentor, but someone I can call a true friend in life.
— David Wellington (QLD) Fulltime employee, husband and father of two.