professional development

Take your life to the next level


professional development

Take your life to the next level


Thank you for your interest in my workshops. I offer a range of personal and professional development training for individuals, teams and their families.

Workplace training

increase productivity and influence in the workplace

Workplace training

increase productivity and influence in the workplace

Mastering Communication and Motivation

True leadership applies influence to inspire a team to achieve more. Knowing how to optimise yourself and your team for sustained high performance will:

·       improve collaboration

·       build resilience

·       manage stress

·       develop your emotional intelligence.

If you are looking to increase your ability to lead and influence others, the ‘Mastering communication and Motivation Training’ is for you. How you present yourself in a leadership role affects your ability to successfully leverage authority and motivate others. The temptation can be to project yourself as an absolute authority so that your decisions go unchallenged. However, this approach is unlikely to get the results you’re seeking in the modern workplace.

So, what is a team looking for in an influential leader?

Humility, transparency, a role model with high standards, someone who can adapt quickly, collaborate intentionally and want to achieve greater engagement, trust and innovation by building a sense of community with your team?

This is a 3 hour training program where you and your team will be equipped with the skills to modify behaviour and become more successful by:

1.     Understanding how people are different

2.     Developing confident self-awareness

3.     Learning to identify the styles of others

4.     Modifying behaviour based on other people’s styles

You will quickly discover that your success is determined in a very large part by how well you interact with other people. You will learn how to effectively relate, communicate, influence and motivate others to create successful relationships with subordinates, customers, prospects, colleagues, managers, friends and family members.

What People Are Saying – 

"It is great to finally understand why others behave differently to me and how I can communicate more effectively. Understanding how I’m wired has helped me to realise I am okay and there is nothing wrong with me I feel more confident in my workplace an in the home. Thank you Kelly-Anne"

become an industry leader and invest in your professional skills today

Influential Leadership Development

It’s important we don’t mistake humility for weakness. In leadership, humility is a product of diversity. Humble leaders engender trust, empower their followers and look at failures as challenges - all of which leads to greater employee engagement and can be beneficial to the bottom line. Leaders must humbly accept that their perspectives can always be broadened by others, and the best leaders embrace this. No matter how senior you are, there will always be people who can teach you new things. People will always be more understanding, patient and feel more connected with leaders that demonstrate their humble nature and willingness to learn from others, regardless of their title or position.

This 2 hour training utilises a variety of neuroscience, EQ and mindfulness techniques. This is an opportunity for you and your team to increase their ability to lead and influence others through learning about:

·       Improved collaboration

·       Building resilience and taking responsibility

·       Managing stress

·       Developing EQ - Emotional Intelligence

Now is the time to invest in your People.

Optimise yourself and your team today.

Purposeful Living – 1 day Training

Are you or a someone you know is feeling lost, overwhelmed or discouraged by a lack of direction and purpose in life?

Discover how a set of life planning tools can get your life back on track and help you to create a purposeful and meaningful life again.

In this workshop you will walk away with your own Road Map to personal and professional success.

More importantly you will feel more focused and clear on what the next steps are for your life. 

Now is the time to invest in your future.

You plan holidays, so why not plan your life?


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your best year yet

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