Sex and Relationships 

Are you looking to develop new and effective ways of communicating with your partner and dealing with relationship difficulties?

Communication is essential to any relationship lasting the long haul. If you are just starting out, about to get married or have been married for a while. This training will set you up for better days ahead. Far too many relationships are ending prematurely due to a lack of communication skills. Ending a long term marriage can be very costly and cause much heartbreak for all involved especially children. If you chose to marry for life and would like to learn constructive ways to raise issues, understand your partner and be understood yourself. If you are willing to uncover common blocks to communication and how to best manage communication breakdowns. Then this training is for you. Both couples are to commit and have a willingness to invest in their relationship. Finding that common ground, understanding the implications and benefits of your differences reignites intimacy and love between two people. And how the rest of that story unfolds is completely up to you!

Please note: This training is not suitable for couples who are in crisis or experiencing domestic violence or abuse. Please contact Relationships Australia immediately for extra support - 1300 857 886.