Have you ever felt overwhelmed with just the thought of starting something new?

This has been my experience time and time again over the years and I’d be lying if I told you it gets easier. The difference is, whenever I step out into something new, it requires me to venture outside my comfort zone, my place of safety and security. For you, you may get excited at the thought, for me it can almost paralise me. I have this innate desire to do things really well the first time. I like to be as prepared as my circumstances allow me to be. Where possible I will avoid getting anything wrong and looking silly.

In the early days, I attempted to embrace the ‘fake it till you make it’ slogan. I felt like a liar and a cheat – anyone else relate??  After years I finally decided to be honest with myself and those around me and it stared when a lady shared with me her real situation of being in business. She said, after I asked her what her business offered, she answered in a way that was like a rehearsed outburst and then shes quickly replied with ‘ but to be honest, I still have to work as my business just doesn’t make the money I need to cover my expenses right now and I feel so embarrassed”. My heart immediately went out to her and I felt in that moment that it was time for all of us to come clean with our entrepreneur journeys. I too had gone through a season of supplementing my income to keep my dream alive. There is no shame in that and so given I was speaking at that particular network meeting I was going to share my own recent story of which the details I will share another time.

There is one thing I want to share with you today, and it is so so important you catch it. When you see what someone else is doing, when you get inspired of what is possible, remember that for this person, they also started out small just like you. So don’t despise your small beginnings, what is ahead of you, if you don’t give up, is exciting. John Maxwell has written over 85 books on leadership in his life time thus far and one of my favourites is his book ‘Failing Forward’. The concept behind the book is understanding that we have to start somewhere. Then to realise, to move forward we don’t always know what we don’t know. The only way to learn what you don’t know is to just get started and when you hit your first obstacle, you get support to navigate the first twist and then you keep going until you hit the next turn. This is the journey of the entrepreneur, when you talk to the right people, the ones who are comfortable and secure within themselves, they will tell you the honest truth and know this one thing! It will be different for all of us. Some will say you just have to work really really hard, others will say, it is so fun and exciting, someone else will say it is so scary and others may say it takes a very long time. Because we are all so different so too will be our experiences. Some will take their business and grow it super fast and others will take it nice and slow, others are high risk takers and some are low risk takers. There is no right or wrong.

So if you are on the journey, used to be on the journey or are considering the journey of the entrepreneur be kind to yourself, tell the honest truth as it gives others permission to also be okay with whatever part of the journey they are on too.