Help, I’ve lost direction for my Life?

There is a way to discover it again or maybe for you, it could be discovering it for the first time!

I was just outside hanging out my washing and thinking about some of the beautiful ladies out there whose circumstances allow them to afford a little or a lot of extra support as they navigate the beautiful chaos. Would I love to have that extra support. Absolutely, however we are not in a position to afford or accomodate such a luxury. A luxury that I think all Mums deserve and would benefit from, especially the hardworking single Mum who sadly, for all different reasons, does not have a partner to share even just the basics of parenting and household responsibilities. I am blessed with a husband who is hands on in many ways and so even though our life is still full, he can help along the way so we can carve out time for other things.

It is so important for Mums, with children, who are navigating ‘The Beautiful Chaos’ season of life to have support also. So is it even possible to navigate the beautiful chaos well? Yes, however navigating it well, probably wont look like how Instragram and Hollywood portray it to look. Here are a few examples of navigating the beautiful chaos well.

  • Allowing the dishes and washing to pile up because you had such a disruptive sleep last night you are tired, so you give yourself permission to rest and have a little nap where appropriate.

  • It looks like financial pressures, so you make adjustments to your lifestyle to accomodate the season.

  • It looks like you not maintaining your perfect home standards for a day or a week, so you can go out and make memories with your family.

  • It looks like silence or rage when two people just can’t agree and so you go and get support from someone who can help.

  • It looks like two people, who were once in love, discovering new ways to enjoy each others company and weave date nights back into their life.

  • It looks like less time on Social Media and Netflix and more time connecting with the family and playing games around the table - remember those days??

  • It looks like social events where parents are discussing how to make the world a better place and swapping notes on better parenting and relationship building rather than critisism, envy, complaining and casting judgement and condemnation upon others behind their backs.

  • It looks like a Mum carving out big solid chunks of time for herself to go and do whatever she wants. For some it is getting as far away from the house as possible and for others it is the time to get more organised, start the decluttering process or finish odds and ends around the house.

  • It looks like setting goals to create and build a life based on your own values and standards and working as a team to make them happen.

The Beautiful Chaos is just that - Beautiful - you would never ever want to give your kids back, however, every parent would agree it is just so chaotic at times. Sometimes we feel like we are drowning and other times we feel like we are winning and we’ve got this season down pat!

Work Life Balance is not having all your ducks standing tall in a row all the time and life operating perfectly. A healthy work life balance is where you are constantly considering all the important areas of your life and giving attention to all, not just only some of them. Some seasons or responsibilities take more time than others, but that doesn’t always equal a life out of balance. When we decided to move back into our town house after renting it out for 3 years, it required a lot of work, so to maintain balance we just ensured we were across as many things as we could be and checked in along the way. Again, sometimes we do it really well and other times we don’t.

You know your life is out of balance when one or many of the important areas of your life are suffering. Your Health, your career or business, your relationships, your finances, your emotional well-being. So finding a healthy balance is possible when you give attention to all areas of your life and this can be done though creating a Life Plan for yourself. Some spend so much time (when the budget accomodates) planning our holidays and yet they rarely give any time to all the other, equally as important, parts of their life that will matter the most one day.

Look at areas of your life today that are not thriving and consider what simple choices you will make to slightly change your experience. Sadly there are so many distractions in life that can cause you to feel lost like you no longer have direction or drive. So many loose sight of where they are heading because they simply don’t know what they want anymore. There is a saying ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. Without a Life Plan, areas of importance may fail you. So make today or this week the time you sit down with a cuppa and actually assess your life, not critisize and condemn it, just assess it without any judgement. Look at what is working and what isn’t working. After answering these questions consider what is within your power to control and introduce small changes to, and start the day off differently.

If you would like to know more about the Life Planning Process, simply reach out and connect by reaching me via my website www.wlba.com.au and click on any enquiry button and lets connect. I have all the time in the world for people who are ready to create change. When you are ready to be transparent with whats not quite working with your Life and you want to move forward and don’t know how, then you know it is probably time to invest in an experienced Life Coach who has the tools and skills to help, support and encourage you throught this time.